Good gardens require careful planning. We’re here to help.

Some things to think about before selecting plants:

  • What functions do you need plants to fulfill? Are they just there to add beauty, or do you also need them for privacy screening, erosion control, shading, or to hide something unsightly?
  • How big do you want plants to grow? Young plants often mature into something considerably larger. Careful measurements of your space will help us recommend plants that won’t grow to big in the future.
  • How much sun is there? Sun exposure is the single most important factor In plant selection. Count the hours of sun in each location. We can help you pick plants that will thrive in the sun exposure you have.
  • How much work are you willing to put into your plants? All plants require at least some care in the beginning, but in the longer term some plants require more time and resource than others.
  • Are there special soil conditions? Most plants prefer rich, well-drained soils. Rocky soils, clay, and poor drainage present special challenges and require great care in plant selection.
  • Is there are concern about grazing or other damage by deer, rabbits, or other animals?

The best place to begin talking about your landscape is in the nursery. Your photos and measurements will help us understand your space as we walk around the nursery and show you our plants.

We are not available to provide at-home consultations, but most of our customers find that we are able to provide all the guidance needed in the nursery.