Browallia is one of our favorite annuals and high on our list of plants deserving to be used more often. Not many people know it. With little consumer demand, few growers grow it. We search far and wide for a good supply of it in May, but our browallia 6-packs, not yet in flower, sit unnoticed by most. Too bad. The blueish purple flowers emerge in June and continue in profusion until frost. We plant a lot of it in our gardens, and by mid-summer everyone wants to know about this lovely flower! Of yeah, did we mention that no deadheading is needed, and browallia tolerates shade well? Anything from full sun down to 2-4 hours of sun is fine, making browallia a good alternative to impatiens in part-sun/part-shade gardens. Browallia grows 10-12 inches high and 12 or more inches wide, just the right size for annual borders. We also love browallia in containers. It’s only available in late spring, so get it while supplies last.

‘Blue Bells’ Browallia