Christmas Tree Care

Good news! Based on the latest research, care instructions are now easier than ever. Just make a fresh cut on the bottom of the trunk (we can do it for you) and keep the base submerged in water at all times. Water temperature doesn’t matter. Additives are not recommended. For details, see our Christmas Tree Care page.

Planting Instructions

These instructions outline the basic best practices in planting any tree or shrub (applies to annuals and perennials as well). This is how we install plants, and we recommend that all gardeners do it this way.

Download as PDF: Planting Instructions.

Watering Instructions

Proper and diligent watering during the establishment period is the most important factor for plant success. Most people underestimate the water needs of new plants. These instructions are a “must read” for all gardeners.

Download as PDF: Watering Instructions.

In case we don’t have what you need…

we have compiled a list of other businesses in the area that might be able to help.